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A financial assistant you can text

A financial assistant you can text

No need to learn how to use any other apps. Chat with Olivia the same way you do with your friends, from a familiar, intuitive messaging interface.

Your money just got smarter

Your money just got smarter

She learns about your finances, your spending habits, predicts your next purchase, and comes up with unique insights on how you can save more money and stretch your paycheck, even before you spend it.

All you need in one place

All you need in one place

Olivia organizes all your accounts and transactions, so you always know where your money is going, what your balance is, and how much you can spend.

Free and without advertisements

Free and without advertisements

You do not have to pay to be able to do more with your money. Olivia is completely free and wants to show you how to live the life you want without necessarily spending more.


She’s clever, not complicated

And don't worry, I won't be able to do anything to your acount

Connect your accounts safely

Simply select which bank accounts you want Olivia to track for you. She can only see your transaction history for your connected accounts, nothing else. All connections use bank-level security.

Seriously. It's really easy!

Always know what you can safely spend

We all know it’s hard to budget. With Olivia, budgeting is as easy as seeing what you can spend today and for the rest of the month. Olivia helps with everything else, too. She tracks your balance and spending and provides tools to help you spend smarter.

I won't judge your spending habits. I promise!

Start receiving insights on your spending

Olivia will analyze your spending habits and immediately start recommending ways you can save money. Behind her brain and knowledge base lies a team of some of the world’s best data scientists and software engineers working to make her more insightful each and every day.

Don't worry. We all spend too much on groceries!

The science & technology behind Olivia

Olivia was created by a multidisciplinary team. First, software engineers and data scientists built the brain. Then, specialists educated her on personal finance and behavior economics. She was also trained by cognitive researchers on how to interact with humans, and by linguists on how to text. Finally, designers gave her a form and shape.

Thousands are talking to me me already. You should too!
Security and PrivacyTouchID authentication, 256-bit encrypted connections, no on-device storage – I use it all to protect your data.
Machine LearningMy algorithms help me make sense of your data, find relevant financial patterns and give you actionable insights.
Behavioral EconomicsMy algorithms learn from your habits, and find how to motivate you to make the right financial decisions.
Conversation EngineMy chat library and context-awareness allow me to engage with you in the right conversation at the right time.
Save 7x more when you regularly chat with Olivia for 60 days
more when you regularly chat with Olivia for 60 days
More than 1billion financial transactions analysed so far
More than
financial transactions analysed so far
More than 500k people already have access to Olivia's platform
More than
people already have access to Olivia's platform

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