You were not made to keep tabs on your spending. Olivia was.

Olivia. Live Grandly with smart spending.
Olivia. Live Grandly with smart spending.

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Living while constantly worrying about money is no fun. Yet, thinking about money is absolutely necessary. Hence, it is one of the main causes of stress.

Simply put, we were not made to think about money. Our primal instincts urge us to focus on today. There’s a reason we have trouble thinking about our future selves (the person we’re saving for). We were built to live in the now.

That’s why Olivia exists.

She helps you improve your relationship with money so you can live the life you want with the resources that you have.

Focus on what really matters – doing what you love. Let Olivia do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

Here at Olivia, we are building a future where you do not have to stress about money again.

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