You were not made to keep tabs on your spending. Olivia was.

Our belief

Living while constantly worrying about money is no fun. Nevertheless, money is the main cause of stress in the world.

Simply put, we were not made to stress about money. As humans, our natural instincts urge us to do what we love.

That’s why Olivia exists.
She helps us get more for our money so we can focus on what really matters: enjoying life.

Here at Olivia, we want you to count stories, not numbers, and we are building a future where people won’t need to stress about money again.

Smart financial services

Never stress about money again

→ More than a new digital experience, Olivia is a new solution.

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Olivia. Your AI-powered financial assistant who helps you get more for your money so you can focus on the things in life that really matter.

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