Savings made simple

Olivia is an AI-powered financial advisor that analyses your spending patterns, predicts next purchases, and gives you personalised recommendations on how to spend smarter and save more.

Your money got smarter

Stay informed

View all of your accounts in one place, and review your spending — accurately organised by category.

Spend smarter

Get personalised recommendations on your spending habits, plus hints from the wisdom of our Community.

Save more

Get exclusive discounts on items you are likely to buy, close to the time and location of purchase.

Your data on lockdown!

Controlled access
Olivia can only see your transaction history and cannot transact on your behalf.
You're in control
We never sell your data, and we never will.
You're secured
All data is stored and transmitted with bank-level encryption.
Best-in-Class Partners
We partner with industry-leading security & privacy partners.


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