Do you believe in a smarter financial future?

Our belief

Money is people’s main cause of stress. We can change that by ensuring everyone is able to use their financial data to their own advantage.

We are experts who use artificial intelligence and behavioral economics to help people get more from their money, so they can focus on the things in life that really matter.

We won't rest until we unlock the unique value of Open Finance and build a smarter financial future for everyone.

About Olivia AI, Inc.

We are a data company within the fintech industry that applies machine learning and AI in developing smarter financial solutions.

The company was founded in 2016, in Silicon Valley, expanded in 2019 to Brazil and in 2020 to Ireland.

Since then, we've helped millions of people get more from their money and partnered with major business groups that also aim to help people spend smarter and save more.

The future starts today. We introduce our smart financial solutions:


Smart financial advisor


Intelligent Open Finance Platform

Olivia in Ireland

In keeping with their mission to help people build better futures, Irish Life has sponsored Olivia’s launch in Ireland.

Olivia and Irish Life share a common belief that financial wellness is closely linked to health, and commonly believe that Olivia provides a solution to a very real need in Ireland.

The service is provided solely by Olivia and Irish Life does not have access to Olivia user data.


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